Thursday, March 24, 2011

Club Sick !

   Club Sick!!!Although clubbing is a bad activity .But nowadays who don't wish to go for  relaxing,cheering up,releasing stresses ? especially for teenagers.

   Actually, i really don't even touch a drop of liquor or beer before i came to KAMPAR, because of my dear friend --> Wanchong (TA-5 classmate last time), he invited me to go for beer at 21st bar. Seriously, before i start to drinking like an alcoholic(now), i really hate those drunker, hate them to the max! Now ? i became one of them. i realized that beer and liquor sometimes  can entirely make my stresses and troublesome gone when i drunk. BTW i know this ain't a suitable method.

   In this Sem ( y2s1) , i have been went for Ipoh club after those fucking annoyance mid term+assignment+quiz. So, check it out the pictures with "Like a G6", you will also have club sick soon later if you are clubbing follower ! *now i feeling so fly like a G6.......*
Qing Nng,William,Ah Peng,Jin Xian,Kung Tai, and me

William Kok(my bestie!) and me
me and Leonard Tan
me and drunk fu liang
Ah Peng and me
me and Ming Yi
Qing Ning and me
   Haha....Enjoy your life to the MAX before you pass teenagers, if not will regret to the MAX!