Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy or Sad day ?

   i knew.....that you aren't spend on other.....but for me, i spend on alcohol and cigarette,i really cant to quit for now.i tried, but fail to quit. Some more it will lead to more severe situation if you can't successfully to quit it.
Mushroom chicken chop *love it*

King King Size of juice
Meeting's Bday!

pei wei shy!

Shih ling boss!

   Happy day started from we going to ipoh for celebrating one of my secondary school friend's birthday. I received a call from my friend(3.45pm) and tell me that about 5pm will go to ipoh for celebration. Initially i not really  want to go, i have a lot stuff haven't done yet, but i call and inform you about what my friend told me. You seem like very happy and excited to go to. So, i just ignore my stuffs and go with you.
   Firstly, we go to ipoh "Chop King" to meet ours friend to have our dinner. And we two persons share for one mushroom chicken chop and one big jar of juice. i know you doesn't full because we share it. So i ask you to order again, but myself don't want to eat already. I remember i had told you about my family financial, although i not full but i have to act like i full because those place is luxury and i can't to spend much on that. But ?? you ask me to accompany you to order one more fish chop. And i reject it, i know that i can't spend some more to burden my family. And going to Ipoh already have to spend quite a lot of money. But face turn from happy to upset. You was my GF, i don't care about what others say me but i together with you almost 5 years and i told you my family financial, don't you try to stand on my position and think for me ?
If i have work, have salaries, i can spend for you, but now we are spending our parent money. I know you're hungry, but don't know that i just have my breakfast(6.45am) until now (6.30pm) ?

   Before you are damn firmly to tell me that although if we are poor, but you willing to face those miserable life with me, and i believe it. From the case above, i started to become confuse. Another case, because of i spending too much, i just bought salted black bean fish in tin to have our dinner. When we are dining, your face just like this time, turned into black. Once again i mention this, why don't you stand on my position to think for me ? You thought that i very pleasure with eating those fish ? Why how many times i mention it but you won't care about my position?
Lost world!! 
You can read from the picture itself!
Lost World Fountain
All the members!

   Return to story, after we dined we go to Lost World's hot spring. All of us really enjoy the moments. But one thing i realized, that are just a little stuff and you are not dare to do or try it. Others can did, but why you can't ? When we jogging at Westlake, you can't even just one round. This not mean that i compare you to others but i worry for your future when you working, the more painstakingly experience you HAVE TO face it. Every time i encourage you but you still reject to do it, how you going to face your future ? depend on me ? how if you break up with me ?
Luxury ? BTW it's for me 
Yong Qiang and Meeting!
Pei Wei, Meeting, Bao ping
Lip Qian, Sin Ying, and Meeting

   After fun hours at Lost World, we go to Pappa Rich because after swam we need to cure our stomach. Once again it's happen, you just angry me for not ordering foods. Because, i just order Dinosaur Milo for our beverage. And reason for i do so because i knew that we will eat the birthday cake(secret secret recipe) at there, you should know how full it will be after you eat the cake. And i say we just back Kampar to eat after that but r face never change. Because of your family rich you can't just stand a while for your hunger ? Because of family rich you can't face any difficulties ? Because of your family rich you can't stand on others' side to think for them ?
   When i reach Westlake, after i wrote all the stories above, and i started to thinking...Maybe because you never experience the poor, so you  don't know my side, because our interest different, i can't spend on food , maybe this my fault because i spend on cigarette and can't spend on foods with you.
  So, should this be my happy day or sad day ? i hope that after  you read this can consider for me side and understand me better~Anyway i still love you because you was my BAOBEI...

"thank for reading all the Nagging from me "
"Wish you all have a Nice day"

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