Saturday, May 21, 2011

my recently~~

       The sembreak by everyone is seem like very enjoy~~before sembreak, ad planned~~So enjoy, exam sure will motivated~KL, Cameron, Genting, Oversea.......
       For me~~sembreak~ain't sembreak~~~24 hours comments on my life, i hope i can stay in house but i can't...i keep wanna go for travel~~wanna hangout~~but juz cigarette accompany me, maybe the reason i can't quite it~ 

      i hope my life can reach my turning point more faster, i don't wan such life~i wan back my life back~the life that i can lead others, felt stronger than others, be the king like what i did before~~
     but everything spoiled~~by myself~~my confident~definitely drop to the trough ~i no idea how can i get back from Bottomless pit~

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